Location: Edmonton, AB

Area: 7,600 sq. ft.

Completed: 2012

As Alberta’s educational hub for small- and medium-sized businesses, GO Productivity’s new office embodies the company’s fun and forward-thinking image. And as a former government department, the updated space reflects their newfound independent status. Balancing the collaborative with the private, the formal with the casual, this office offers an open and inviting environment for staff and clients alike.

Natural light permeates the workstations lining the exterior windows, while windowed doors filter sunlight into interior offices. Soft seating areas near meeting rooms provide natural gathering spaces. The boardroom, aptly named the “Tree House,” is a cantilevered architectural feature that overhangs into outdoor foliage. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of a trendy downtown district, this space is a focal point for GO Productivity’s clients.

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